Types of Accounting Services/Positions

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Types of Accounting Services/Positions

All businesses, regardless of their size, must account for their financial transactions in order to be organized and meet their obligations to the government. However, the needs are varied. For an SME, a general accountant and consultant may be sufficient to supervise its activities while in large companies; a person may have to be in charge of accounts receivables full time because of the workload that this represents. There are various types of positions by accounting professionals: bookkeepers, financial analysts, payroll officers, and so on.

Types of Accounting Services

Data Entry Operator

Typically, he enters invoices into the company’s accounting software and processes accounts payable and customers. Other administrative or filing tasks may be added to this (auditing, bookkeeping, taxation, payroll, etc.). At a minimum, a bachelor’s degree is often required to fill such a position. No or little experience is required. The bookkeeper must be detail-oriented and have good communication skills since he is often in contact with suppliers and customers.

Accounts Assistant

Like the data entry operator, the bookkeeper can process invoices, payments, purchase orders, salaries, reports and other financial documents. Since several bookkeepers are assigned to a particular function (invoices, reconciliations, report writing, etc.), they are often required to have specific experience in the function in question. He can eventually become a manager or manager. His decision-making power is greater than the clerk.

Accounts Receivable and / or Accounts Payable Officer

It focuses on outstanding invoices: registrations, corrections, management, communications with customers and / or suppliers. He investigates and resolves all discrepancies before authorizing a payment. This requires good judgment, a lot of integrity and accuracy. Good communication skills are still essential. A high school diploma is normally required.


Bookkeepers are generalists who work in small and medium-sized businesses to handle all of their financial transactions. A large proportion of bookkeepers work part-time or as self-employed. Although bookkeepers work independently. That is to say, they have fewer responsibilities. Good professionalism and respect for confidentiality are important. They can obtain accreditation from the Soft Accounting Services  to better sell their services Soft Accounting Services provides the services of bookkeeping for different kinds of business industries.

Business / Financial Analyst

The business analyst analyzes business systems and data to increase efficiency. The methods and structures used are discussed. The financial analyst, on the other hand, assesses the risks, forecasts the financial results and proposes alternatives in the management of capital. It evaluates financial returns and helps in the preparation of company budgets. Experience in the business world is an asset and a great knowledge of IT too. Continuous training is not neglected either.

Cost accounting

The cost accountant tracks, as the title indicates, the costs generated by the company. They compare actual costs with those that were planned to report to the decision makers. He can recommend reorganizations in his company to reduce expenses and a more optimal use of resources in the different departments. Obviously, a selling price must be higher than the cost of the product.

Internal Auditor

He is in charge of comparing the financial policies, procedures and management standards of the company. The goal is to make it comply with market standards, legal or governmental. The auditor must be independent and objective. He at least hold a bachelor’s degree and professional certification from recognized institute like ICMAP or ICAP. He normally touches all the departments of the company for which he works.

Payroll Officer

It maintains and verifies time records to prepare paychecks, taking into account required deductions, vacation hours, overtime, bonuses, etc. Some payroll positions only require a high school diploma. The payroll clerk needs to be familiar with general accounting, accounting system/software, and attention to detail.

Project Accountant

The project accountant is responsible for the financial planning of a specific project, whether it’s launching a new product, a promotional campaign or something else. It studies costs, profitability, risks and more. The expenses may have to be approved by the latter. To be successful, he must be able to work well in a team, respect budgets and be analytical. Soft Accounting Services has the facility to maintain accounts of project including financial planning, costing, profitability analysis and audit.

Professional Accountant

As for the Professional Accountant, he is able to occupy each of these positions depending on your needs: data entry, bookkeeper, accounts receivable or accounts payable, commercial or financial analyst, cost accountant, internal auditor, payroll officer and project accountant). A Soft Accounting services is a firm, is able to meet all types of accounting needs, like financial management, Audit, bookkeeping, taxation and all other related services.  Soft Accounting has experienced team including accountant, lawyer, tax consultant to support the business industry for preparing books of accounts and handling legal matters.