Accounting Services

Accounting Services In Lahore
We do accounts payable, accounts receivables, financial statements, budgeting and forecasting, inventory management and preparing income statement.

Taxation Services

Taxation services in Lahore
  • Registration (Income & Sales Tax, PRA)
  • E-Filling of Monthly WHT Statement
  • E-Filling of Monthly Sale Tax Return
  • E-Filling of Annual Income Tax Returns

Internal / External Audit

Internal / external audit services
We have the facility of internal and external audit services by professional accountants in Lahore to review books of accounts and issue audit reports.

Our Services

Accounting System

Data conversion from other accounting software or manual records to new accounting software.

Internal & External Audit

We have the facility of internal and external audit by professional accountants in Lahore Pakistan.

Bookkeeping services

Account payable and receivable, maintaining general ledger, financial statement, sales invoices etc.

Costing & Profitability

We have expertise in costing & profit analysis to help management in making pricing decisions.

Income & Sales Tax

Registration (Income & Sales Tax, PRA), E-Filling of Income Tax, Sales Tax Return/Statements.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Uses of accumulated historical data to predict financial outcomes for future months or years.


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